Vietnam War Essays

“Writing Vietnam,”
The 1999 Conference at Brown University, featuring Tim O’Brien:
Writing Vietnam Conference

“Lost to Vietnam”
published in anthology, Friends and the Vietnam War, ed. Chuck Fager, 1998:
\”Lost to Vietnam\” essay

“Crossing the Line: Finding Butch”
Essay in War, Literature, and the Arts: An International Journal of the Humanities: 

Crossing the Line: Finding Butch

“Quaker in Vietnam: Rick Thompson, 1949-1973” Rick Thompson-PDF ; Buy: Quaker in Vietnam: Rick Thompson

 “Fighting Pacifism”
published in the Friends Journal, 2002; reprinted in Fairfax Times, VA
\”Fighting Pacifism\” Column

“Conflict and Loss”, a “This I Believe” Audio Essay for WRNI
Scroll down to “Conflict and Loss,” August 19, 2009 here:

\”Conflict and Loss\” August 19, 2009, WRNIConflict and Loss__This I Believe

YouTube Video of Lecture: Crossing Borders: Women Writing Their Lives–Beth Taylor   URI, April 2011

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