Vietnam War Essays

“Writing Vietnam,”
The 1999 Conference at Brown University, featuring Tim O’Brien:
Writing Vietnam Conference

“Lost to Vietnam”
published in anthology, Friends and the Vietnam War, ed. Chuck Fager, 1998:
\”Lost to Vietnam\” essay

“Crossing the Line: Finding Butch”
Essay in War, Literature, and the Arts: An International Journal of the Humanities: 

Crossing the Line: Finding Butch

“Quaker in Vietnam: Rick Thompson, 1949-1973” Rick Thompson-PDF ; Buy: Quaker in Vietnam: Rick Thompson

 “Fighting Pacifism”
published in the Friends Journal, 2002; reprinted in Fairfax Times, VA
\”Fighting Pacifism\” Column

“Conflict and Loss”, a “This I Believe” Audio Essay for WRNI
Scroll down to “Conflict and Loss,” August 19, 2009 here:

\”Conflict and Loss\” August 19, 2009, WRNIConflict and Loss__This I Believe

Beth URI 4-2011.jpg   YouTube Video of Lecture, URI, April 2011:                                                     Crossing Borders: Women Writing Their Lives–Beth Taylor


Choices 2013.png

Ways to Teach the Vietnam War: Video: Choices Program, Brown University, 2013


Brown Vietnam Veterans Archive, May 2016.jpg    YouTube Video of Brown Vietnam Veterans Archive, Alumni Gathering, May 2016

Celebrating the launch of  The Brown Vietnam Veterans Archive


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