Dr. Elizabeth S. (Beth) Taylor teaches in the Nonfiction Writing Program in the Department of English at Brown University. She teaches creative nonfiction — literary journalism, historical narrative, and memoir. She earned her PhD in American Literature from Brown in 1989, then taught at Harvard before returning to Brown. A former feature writer for the Providence Journal, her essays include a reflection on Brown’s Nonficton Writing Program in Composition Studies, “Apprenticing Nonfictionists” in The Journal of Teaching Writing, and “Itches and Scratches” in Brown Alumni Magazine. Her essays on the Vietnam War era include a Pendle Hill pamphlet, “Quaker in Vietnam: Rick Thompson (1949-1973)”; “Fighting Pacifism” in Friends Journal; “Crossing the Line: Finding Butch,” in War, Literature, and the Arts; “Lost to Vietnam: Choices and Impact” in the anthology, Friends and the Vietnam War and on the web site “Writing Vietnam;” and \”Conflict and Loss\” August 19, 2009, on WRNI in NPR’s “This I Believe” series. The final publication in this series is her book, The Plain Language of Love and Loss: A Quaker Memoir, published by the University of Missouri Press in April, 2009.



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